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a girl i go to university with goes to house parties once everyones drunk and takes toilet paper so she never had to buy her own

wait all my irish roommates did this and our tp was always a giant roll from…not house parties…but a pub lolllll

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Ashley you sarcastic little bitch

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i will not be impressed at technology until i can download food and clothes and money from the internet

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the problem with rich people is that i am not one

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  • monday: no
  • tuesday: no
  • wednesday: no
  • thursday: no
  • friday: no
  • saturday: hmmm
  • sunday: no
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you know how there always those posts about like old cartoons and they have some theory like “they were DEAD ALL ALONG!!!  THE RUGRATS IS FUCKED UP!!!!!!!!! FUCKED!!!!!!! UP!!!!!!!!!” its like hahahha wtf are you on about its just rugrats lmao go to bed 

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Spanish Teacher: ¿Cómo estás?

Me: Estoy bitchin’

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